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I'm writing you a symphony of sound...

I was reading our church newsletter today...and I came across this article that an older lady from my church wrote. I think it's a really good thing.
"What a pleasant surprise I had upon meeting with the young home builders. They had stories to tell about their trip, they were appreciative that we came to welcome them back. They were polite as well as respectufl. Only two of us from the 11:00 service meeting were there to welcome them, but they (the young home builders) kept saying 'thank you, thank you, thank you.' I thank them because I admit I was one of the peopel who thought these young people were only going for a fun vacation. I apologize because I found them to be true young Christians who were doing more than 'lip service' as many of the adults do. We need to meet with these young people and show that we care."
I think that a lot of the people in our church need to read that.

Oh. While I'm thinking of it, Sarah...we are the queens of distraction and I never remember to ask you. Are you going to go to the TEN show with me? hahahaha.

Jack's Mannequin comes out Tuesday. ♥
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